Whistle Blowing Attorney in Norcross, Georgia

Everyone is faced with ethical dilemmas at work at one point or another, but some are more serious than others. For example, have you ever found out that your boss or someone in your company is engaged in theft or fraud? If so, you have a tough choice to make regarding blowing the whistle. Although whistle blowing has been around since the dawn of employment, whistle blowers and legal cases involving whistle blowers seem to be gaining more and more attention these days. As the world continues to become more competitive, companies and individuals are faced with difficult decisions regarding whether to do the right thing, and employees are faced with more complex decisions than ever before when faced with bad behavior in the workplace.

Defining a Whistle Blower

A whistle blower can be defined as any person who chooses to do the right thing and expose criminal or unethical activity taking place. For legal purposes, this definition typically refers to an employee of a company who becomes aware of wrongdoing on the part of an employer. This activity can be comprised of everything from embezzlement of company funds to deceptive business practices that ultimately hurt customers. In some cases, these practices may be perpetrated by a lone individual while, in others, they may be institutional in nature and a part of company policy. Regardless,┬áit’s important to recognize that failing to blow the whistle can result in some very negative outcomes.

If You Avoid Blowing the Whistle

Although each case is unique, unethical or criminal behavior in the business world typically leads to higher costs and increased taxes on everyone. Workplace criminals who steal money or use deceptive practices will generally lead to inflated costs, and failing to report accurate information when dealing with the government can lead to deficits which are made up through higher taxes. Over a period of years, these events can cause consumers and citizens to earn less and owe more, and this ultimately slows progress and hurts families.

The Process of Blowing the Whistle

If you’ve witnessed unethical or illegal behavior and you want to blow the whistle, it’s important to know that you need to plan ahead. Speak with a qualified attorney who can help you put together a well-researched plan before taking any legal action. You should also know that you may stand to gain a financial reward for blowing the whistle through the False Claims Act. Your attorney will be able to offer you more details regarding your specific case so that you can maximize the return on your effort to do the right thing.

Whistle Blowing Attorney in Norcross, Georgia

If you’re seeking a whistle blowing attorney in the Norcross area, turn to Eric J. Hertz, of the Hertz Law Firm. Eric J. Hertz and his team specialize in providing expert legal guidance to individuals who are unsure of their options when it comes to blowing the whistle. If you know of illegal or unethical behavior taking place at your company, contact the Hertz Law Firm by calling 404-577-8111 for a free consultation to learn your rights.