What to Look for When Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

What to Look for When Choosing a Personal Injury LawyerIf you or a loved one has recently endured a traumatic accident and are considering filing a personal injury claim, there are a few factors to look at before seeking an attorney’s help. When involved in an automotive accident, for instance, providing essential documents such as medical records and medical bills is a must.

Seeing as how the information you provide to the opposing side should be delivered with care, it’s recommended to have an attorney assist you in order to avoid making a statement that could result in the elimination of your claim’s value. A personal injury lawyer can find evidence of whether the opposing party is backed by several insurance companies, in addition to other tools that can help reach a fair settlement.

Although personal injury lawyers can be extremely helpful, not all attorneys are alike. Before choosing which one to work with, the following are some of the characteristics you should look for.

Ample Experience in Court

Firstly, you should search for a highly knowledgeable lawyer who has spent enough time in a courtroom and with the track record to prove it. Check the history of the personal injury lawyer you’re interested in working with.

Specifically look for whether they have taken several types of cases to court and whether they leave with reasonable settlements. Since insurance companies prefer to reach a settlement without going to trial, an attorney with a background of taking cases to trial can actually help raise the chances of getting the insurance company to pay more money for settling the case outside of the courthouse.

A Humanitarian Connection to the Law

The best lawyers in the law arena are those who are genuinely willing to help others. Rather than looking at clients as business prospects, the most successful personal injury lawyers are those who look for opportunities to assist the injured and their loved ones.

This could involve making the initiative to take a case to court if necessary. Renowned lawyers put their heart and soul in each case to treat the situation with care, which often entails working longer hours to find a way to make the most of a settlement for the injured party.

An Attentive and Highly Communicative Persona

Lastly, the lawyer you’re looking for should show enough care to answer any questions you might have at any point and should always be available to assist you. By answering your questions, your attorney can help you be more at ease so you can focus on recovering from your injuries instead of worrying about matters they can handle.

Generally, attorneys who share similar life experiences with you will often show a higher level of compassion. That’s because lawyers with a more personal correlation to the case they’re dealing with have a better understanding of what the injury victim and his/her family is going through, and can therefore handle the case with more care.

Tenacity on the Forefront

Combining all of the aforementioned qualities, the law firm of Eric J. Hertz represents people who have suffered from serious personal injuries including catastrophic injury and wrongful death. With a strong personal connection to this particular division of the law, Eric J. Hertz has successfully authored several publications utilized by attorneys in the state of Georgia.

He has also stood as the lead counsel in over 100 jury trials in Georgia, which has resulted in reaching various settlements totaling in the multi millions of dollars. The office of Eric J. Hertz, P.C. has earned a reputation in offering the highest quality legal services in the region.

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