Types Of Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries can strike at any time, and usually without any prior warning. These injuries can result in long-term handicaps to the individual and can devastate entire families in both financial and emotional terms. While there are many types of catastrophic injury, they all require the best possible legal assistance possible in order to obtain effective compensation.

Types and Causes of Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries are defined as severe and life changing injuries. They will require a lengthy period of rehabilitation, and will often leave the victim with permanent and crippling health issues for the rest of his or her life. Types of catastrophic injury can include:

• The traumatic dismemberment or amputation of body parts.
• Permanent injuries to the brain or nervous system, resulting in long-term disabilities.
• Permanent damage to internal organs, such as the destruction of an individual’s kidneys.
• Severe damage to one or both eyes that results in a permanent loss of vision.

The causes of catastrophic injuries can vary but often involve autos or other machinery, as well as negligence on the part of operators or maintenance personnel. Common causes include:

• Auto collisions with commercial or private vehicles.
• Falling debris or equipment in warehouses or construction sites.
• Explosions or fires resulting from equipment malfunctions.
Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries

It is important that catastrophic injury compensation be designed to compensate the victim and family for the need to continue to care for the individual over the rest of his or her life. Additionally, complications from catastrophic injuries can arise years after the initial accident, requiring additional assistance. Furthermore, determining what parties were at fault is a vital part of obtaining effective compensation.

Types of Compensation

The types of catastrophic injury compensation can vary widely depending on the nature of the injury and its cause. However, common forms of compensation include the following:

• Medical expenses, both for the immediate hospital costs and any long-term support or rehabilitation expenses.
• Compensation for lost wages or other work related income.
• Compensation for the pain and suffering the individual has endured.
• In the case of an injury that has resulted in death, the family may be able to obtain compensation for the lost companionship of their family member.
• If injury was due to egregious wrongdoing, the court may decide to levy punitive damages.

In addition, a skilled attorney may be able to obtain compensation without having to go to trial. In many cases, the defendants may chose to come to a settlement rather than risk a court trial, sparing the injured party the stress of a trial. However, only a skilled attorney can effectively determine if such a settlement is in his or her client’s best interests.

By contacting the law offices of Eric. J Hertz, P.C. at 404-577-8111 those who have suffered catastrophic injury can have their case evaluated by a skilled team of personal injury attorneys. This will allow the victims to determine the best course of action to take regarding their injury.