What Is A Workplace Injury?

What Is A Workplace InjuryA workplace injury is an injury received in the course and scope of employment. This can be an injury like a slip-and-fall on the job, being injured by a piece of heavy equipment or receiving a back injury from bending, stooping or lifting.

Employers are often resistant to providing an injured worker with the services and benefits that he is entitled to under the law. An employer is required to provide medical care, temporary disability benefits, and sometimes even vocational rehabilitation if the injured worker can no longer perform his usual and customary occupation because of his workplace injury.

Every employer must provide a list of six doctors authorized to treat workers who have been injured on the job. However, if the injured worker is incapacitated, emergency treatment by the closest available physician is, of course, allowed. When the injured worker is stabilized, he must treat with a doctor from his employer’s list of six physicians. The employer is responsible for an employee’s medical bills when he has been injured on the job.

Many times, an employee is not aware of his Workers’ Compensation rights, and it is advisable for him to contact a Workers’ Compensation attorney. Filing for Workers’ Compensation benefits does not mean that the employee is “suing” his employer. The employer is required to purchase Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage for his employees. So when an injured worker applies for benefits, he is simply applying for remedies afforded to him under state law from his employer’s Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier.

Workers’ Compensation insurance providers, though, often offer incentives to employers to have low rates of on-the-job injuries. The lower the work-injury rate is — the lower the insurance premium the employer must pay. This is portrayed as an incentive for a providing a “safe workplace” to employees, but in reality, it often results in injured workers not receiving the medical treatment and recuperation time that they are entitled to.

This is why, if you have been injured on the job, you should consult with a Workers’ Compensation attorney. An attorney specializing in this area of the law is well-versed on the ins and outs of the Workers’ Compensation system. He is able to assert an injured worker’s rights and stand up to the employer and its insurance company.

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