Cosmetic Surgery Medical Malpractice in Georgia

Cosmetic surgery refers to surgical procedures designed to improve an individual’s aesthetic appearance. Often called plastic surgery, it also covers reconstructive plastic surgery, which enhances function. As surgical procedures and technology have made significant strides in recent years, more Georgia residents have undertaken elective cosmetic surgery, including facelifts, liposuction, facelifts, chemical peels, laser surgery and breast augmentations.

Unfortunately, along with an increase in the popularity of elective cosmetic surgery have come more incidences of cosmetic surgery medical malpractice in Georgia. All types of plastic surgery come with a certain amount of risk.

Nonetheless, cosmetic surgery professionals have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their patients. If you have questions about your rights as it relates to a cosmetic surgery procedure gone wrong, speak to an experience attorney at Hertz Law, PC.

Surgeon’s Responsibilities

Cosmetic surgeons have a responsibility to counsel patients of the inherent dangers of cosmetic surgery before undertaking any procedure. Surgeon should also explain to patients what to expect. When a patient enters the office of a cosmetic surgeon to have a procedure performed, they have a right to expect the best quality in surgical care before, during and post surgery. Patients should anticipate proper recovery without suffering negative consequences.

Surgeons who fail to inform patients of the possible complications dangers, or exercise reasonable care at any point during the process may be liable for cosmetic surgery medical malpractice in Georgia.

Types of Cosmetic Surgery Medical Malpractice

Regardless of how simple a cosmetic surgery procedure may seem, most cosmetic surgeries involve complicated medical procedures. The cosmetic surgery professional requires proper training and must the ability to deliver a certain standard of medical care for patients. Failure to follow conventional medical practices, or outright mistakes made during the cosmetic surgery procedure, often results in patients suffering disfigurement, permanent physical injury or damage.

Some of the more common items at the core of cosmetic surgery medical malpractice in Georgia include:
• Burns
• Excessive scarring
• Nerve damage
• Medication mistakes
• Aesthetic damage

Cosmetic surgery areas can leave patients with a lifetime of complications, including disfigurement, loss of function, chronic pain or psychological damage. These mistakes may require the victim to undergo numerous surgeries to repair. In addition, patients may suffer financial loss or other pain and suffering.
In the extreme cases of cosmetic surgery medical malpractice in Georgia, families are devastated with the loss of a love one. Wrongful deaths related to cosmetic surgery can also result in medical bills, funeral cost and leave a tremendous void financially. It is crucial to speak to a competent attorney who has the experience litigating cosmetic surgery medical malpractice in Georgia.

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