Theme Park Injury Lawsuits and Settlements in Atlanta Georgia

Theme Park Injury Lawsuits and Settlements in Atlanta Georgia While theme parks are usually seen as places of amusement for family and friends alike, they can also result in injury to park goers, especially if rides and attractions are not properly maintained or operated. In those cases, the victims of theme park injuries may be able to obtain compensation from the park owners.

Theme Parks, Negligence and Injuries

Like any business, a theme park has a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for its customers. Unfortunately, in many cases it has been proven that a theme park, whether small or large, has skimped on repair or training and set the stage for a resultant tragedy. In those cases, the injured party can seek compensation for their personal injuries from the theme park’s owners and operators. In addition, the parents of minors can demand compensation for injuries to their children.

The reasons a theme park can be held at fault for an injury include the following:

• A failure to effectively maintain and repair park rides, leading to avoidable malfunctions. It is the responsibility of the park owner to maintain their equipment in proper condition at all times.
• The park demonstrates negligence in training and evaluating workers. Theme parks have a large number of potentially dangerous rides, especially if their operators are incapable of properly controlling them.
• Allowing dirty or dangerous conditions to arise in other areas of the park, such as sidewalks, parking lots, or bathrooms.
• Failing to properly prepare and store food or other consumables, leading to guests suffering food poisoning from consuming tainted food products.

In all these cases, an effective personal injury attorney can help the victim receive a proper settlement from the responsible parties. While not all claims will result in a lawsuit, even those claims that are settled require the assistance of a skilled attorney to ensure that the injured party receives a full compensation and does not unknowingly give up any of his or her rights.

Types of Personal Injury Compensation

There are a variety of forms of compensation that a victim can receive, depending on the nature of the injuries suffered. Among the most common are the following:

• Compensation for medical costs incurred due to theme park related injuries. This can include both short term and long-term hospitalization costs, especially if the injury is permanent.
• Compensation for job related costs, such as lost wages or work.
• Compensation for chronic injuries or handicaps that result from a theme park related accident.
• A victim can also demand compensation for his or her pain and suffering.
• Finally, it may be possible to demand punitive damages for especially egregious cases of negligence on the part of the theme park.

In order to be certain of receiving fair compensation in return for his or her injuries, it is imperative that the injured party enlist the services of an effective personal injury attorney. By doing so, the victim can be assured that all possible legal options are being explored to obtain the best settlement possible. For an individual consultation, contact them at