History Of Personal Injury Law

history of lawThe law has long been one of the more intellectual, structured aspects of Western human culture.
In ancient Greece, it was not only commonplace but actually written down as a rule that a
plaintiff must plead their own case. In the thousands of years since those times, the profession of
lawyer has become one of the most contested and discussed careers a person can have.

Even though the ancient Greeks in Athens had a rule in place to prevent anyone but the plaintiff
to bring their case to court, it was the norm for a friend to help out. As time passed, that “friend”
clause became a joke and the profession of lawyers was born. In the 300s, the original rule was
dropped altogether.

The similar rule that this “friend” could not take money to argue a person’s case was never
abolished in ancient Greece. However, it too, in practice, was rarely adhered to. In this way, all
the lawyers of the time were not able to gather together and form a guild or council. Law as a
study was stunted in a sense because these early lawyers were unable to gather.

The ancient Romans also had a ban on lawyers taking money for their services, but it was
equally ignored in this culture as well. Can you imagine it being illegal for a person trained in
law and speech to not be allowed to practice law? Today, money is a huge part of legal dealings.
In fact, lawyers are one of the highest paying professions around the world.

The study of law in Rome was able to progress because the ban on making money at it was
finally eradicated in Rome. It was Claudius who not only repealed the law but also made being a
lawyer a legitimate career. At this time, lawyers were most often referred to as advocates. Back
then, nothing regulated or oversaw the practicing lawyers. This meant that a lawyer’s personal
reputation was the most important sign of his success and trustworthiness.

At the time, being a lawyer was not very profitable and this certainly raised complaints. Claudius
was also in charge of this. He did it by putting a cap on how much any one lawyer could be paid
for his work. Thus, the lawyer profession in ancient times continued to be limited.

Within a few hundred years of the fall of Rome, lawyers had become commonplace in other
civilizations at the time. Not only were these lawyers legitimate, they were relatively well
respected members of society. There was great money in the business, too.

Today, of course, nearly every profession is regulated and has a governing body of some sort.
Lawyers and the law are some of the most specifically targeted. Being a lawyer of any sort in
today’s world has a variety of stigma and stereotypes with it as it has become a classic and
archetypal profession. Beneath the cultural ideas and surface image, the profession has become
one of the most powerful fields of business out there.

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