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Dana Carvey MistreatmentSome of the most famous lawsuits and legal cases throughout history have involved celebrities. This is often because a lot of money is involved, but it can also be because the public figure draws the attention of the general public. One of these cases occurred after comedian Dana Carvey underwent heart bypass surgery that the surgeon botched.

Let’s first take a look at the procedure Carvey needed to have to treat his angina, or restricted blood flow in the heart region. Everyone knows that a heart bypass is no small procedure. Not only is it extremely invasive, it also deals with one of the most mysterious and important parts of the human body. Technically known as a coronary artery bypass graft, most people don’t know exactly what the procedure involves.

First, arteries from somewhere else on the body must be harvested to use once the heart is operated on. When the time comes, the heart of the patient must be stopped. The body is powered by an external source while the doctors very carefully connect the harvested arteries to their new location. By doing this, the surgeon makes it possible for the heart to continue functioning while avoiding particularly narrow or blocked arteries that can cause heart dangers.

With cleaner, wider and healthier arteries in your heart, blood flow and circulation both improve. Plus, your heart is stronger, too, and more resilient to future conditions.

Dana Carvey sought treatment for his angina because it was causing chest pain and also posed a threat to his health. He completed three angioplasties, a milder treatment that can sometimes fix the problem without necessitating more invasive procedures. Unfortunately, none of these treatments worked.

In the late 1990s, Carvey decided to undergo heart bypass surgery to get some relief from the condition. The surgery went well, or so he thought. When the chest pain from angina didn’t lessen after the surgery, tests revealed what had happened. The surgeon, unable to find the afflicted heart artery, mistook another, healthy artery and bypassed that one instead. This meant that the cause of the pain had not been addressed at all.

Before filing a malpractice case, Carvey first got his heart truly taken care of. He switched to a different doctor. A fourth angioplasty did the trick. Pretty soon, Carvey was back in front of the camera healthier than ever.

When he did file suit against the surgeon who had messed up his surgery, Carvey was able to reach a $7.5 million settlement outside of the courtroom. A massive success, this is just one of the many examples of high profile cases involving celebrities.

Many of the celebrity suits we hear about are for someone facing criminal charges for public indecency or the like. Another common celebrity court case the public hears about are the multi-million dollar divorce proceedings. Medical malpractice, however, is not a casual matter. Dana Carvey was able to get financially reimbursed for the horrible and potentially fatal mistake not because he is a celebrity but because that is the law. You don’t have to be a famous comedian to get justice.

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