Birth Injury Medical Malpractice in Macon, GA

Birth Injury Medical MalpracticeWhile most people regard the birth of a baby as a time to celebrate, some parents find themselves
unable to do so. Often, this is because their baby has been injured due to a birth injury, or more
specifically, medical malpractice. While rare, birth injuries occur far too often every year, and
these injuries can lead to lifelong problems, including heart, brain and lung deficiencies, as well
as the need for constant care in a residential treatment facility. In the worst cases, babies who
suffer birth injuries due to medical malpractice end up never leaving the hospital at all.

Because parents place their trust within the medical professionals who handle their deliveries,
many are unaware of the dangers they are facing. Something as simple as inattentiveness can
cause a baby to be improperly delivered, dropped or mishandled, and these actions can then
lead to a lifetime of suffering. When a child is damaged at birth, it may mean many years, or
a lifetime, of suffering, and this is true for the parents and loved ones of the baby as well. A
baby who suffers injury during birth due to malpractice may require constant care throughout
their life, and the expenses for such care can range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Additionally, injured babies may require corrective and preventative care, both of which can cost
a family years worth of agony, time and money.

If you or your baby has suffered as a result of a birth injury due to medical malpractice, you need
to know that you may have legal options to pursue compensation under the law. Eric J. Hertz and
the Hertz Law Firm are available to assist Macon, GA residents in finding solutions to their birth
injury problems, and they may be able to help you too. Eric J. Hertz and his professional and
caring staff will be happy to meet with you to discuss the specifics of your case, and then they
can set to work devising a legal strategy to fight for you and your child in court.

The Hertz Law Firm is dedicated to helping injured people, and Eric J. Hertz has devoted his
entire personal and professional life to ensuring that justice is served. He wants to make sure that
no parent or child has to suffer in silence, and he fights everyday for injured clients to make sure
that their voices are heard within the justice system. From listening to your situation, filing the
proper paperwork, representing you in court and helping you collect your compensation, Eric J.
Hertz can do it all!

Whether your child has suffered a birth injury, or whether you know someone who has been
affected by a birth injury, it’s important to know your options, and the staff at the Hertz Law
Firm will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. For more information on how
you can seek the compensation you and your child deserve, please contact Eric. J. Hertz and the
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