Yasmin Medication Lawyer

If you’ve been prescribed or have taken the birth control drug Yasmin, you need to know that you may be at risk for deadly blood clots. Yasmin, also known as “Yaz” or “Yas”, was initially developed by drug maker Bayer, and in 2008, the Food and Drug Administration cited the company for failing to properly disclose all of the associated risks of taking Yasmin.

The Dangers of Taking Yasmin

Unfortunately, many women had already been prescribed the drug by that time, meaning many women were and are at risk of developing blood clots that may lead to heart attack, stroke and a number of other serious health concerns. This risk is increased in women over 35 and in women who smoke, but the FDA has stated that all women who take Yasmin are at a higher risk of developing blood clots when compared to women who do not take Yasmin.

You’re Encouraged to Seek Legal Representation

Due to these facts coming out, women who have taken Yasmin may be due compensation. If you or someone you know have taken Yasmin in the past, or if you are currently taking Yasmin, it’s of vital importance that you speak with Yasmin medication lawyer Eric J. Hertz, P.C. at once to be informed of your rights. Eric J. Hertz and the legal team at the Hertz Law Firm are also currently urging all women who have taken Yasmin to speak with their primary care physicians as soon as possible to be evaluated for potential side effects of the drug.

What Can Be Done?

Eric J. Hertz has already helped many women who have taken Yasmin to seek compensation for the potential dangers of the drug. When you contact the Hertz Law Firm, a caring legal professional will speak with you about your case, and in most situations, you will simply need to fill out some paperwork to get started. From there, the Hertz legal team will investigate every aspect of your case in order to determine how much compensation you may be due. In addition, there are no upfront costs associated with this process.

Standing Up for Your Rights

In cases involving dangerous medicines, it can be difficult to stand up to intimidating lawyers who have been hired by doctors and drug manufacturers. When you partner with the Hertz Law Firm, however, you won’t have to worry about dealing directly with any lawyers. Eric J. Hertz and his staff will handle all direct interactions with any lawyers involved in your case, and he and his staff can also represent your interests in court.

Don’t Wait until You Have a Health Concern

Due to the serious nature of blood clots, it’s very important that you act now. You can contact us today by calling 404-577-8111. Remember, when you contact the Hertz Law Firm, you will receive a free consultation, and there are no upfront costs if you decide to pursue compensation. Your health is too important to risk – if you’ve taken Yasmin, contact the Hertz Law Firm today.