Savannah, GA Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Catastrophic injury is the result of a life-changing occurrence that has life-long or long-term consequences. The injury can affect the brain, spinal cord, eyes, bones, or limbs and frequently is caused by an unexpected event. Catastrophic injury can be due to a car accident, serious fall, physical altercations, or medical malpractice as well as many other tragic accidents that happen without warning. Generally, the event leading to injury is not something the individual is adequately able to prepare for. The unexpected nature of the accident or negligence is certain to cause emotional and financial distress in addition to the physical implications.

An individual that has suffered serious injury may face significant medical expenses, loss of employment, and emotional ramifications. Often loved ones such as friends and family members become responsible for making difficult decisions regarding the victim’s healthcare plan and finances. With any catastrophic event immediate medical attention is necessary and the need for continuing medical care is frequently required. Given the severe consequences and lifelong complications due to a catastrophic injury a victim will want to consult a personal injury lawyer. Personal injury attorneys are trained to skillfully analyze the case and determine whether or not there is substantial evidence to pursue legal action and financial compensation.

Catastrophic injury cases can be extremely complex and an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer is essential for ensuring that your loved one receives the financial compensation deserved. It will be necessary for the lawyer to prove both fault and negligence in order to successfully handle a catastrophic injury case. Substantial and concrete evidence such as medical records will be essential in determining what the cause of the injury was and which treatments the victim has undergone. Furthermore, the extent of the injury will be carefully scrutinized by both teams of lawyers to ensure that excessive claims are not being made.

More difficult to demonstrate is that another person or company was negligent in their actions and these actions directly contributed to the injury occurring. An experienced attorney is vital in ensuring the case is effectively researched and appropriate parties are interviewed that will provide support for the individual’s case. The legal defense team will likely strongly contest the evidence provided and your lawyer needs to prepare for multiple hypothetical scenarios and consider all angles of the case.

Initially it is best to ask for catastrophic injury lawyers recommendations from friends, family or business associates. Given that personal injury laws vary by state and the statute of limitations is extremely relevant to a personal injury compensation case, it is vital to thoroughly research an attorney’s history. One will want to inquire regarding prior verdicts, the types of cases that the lawyer has handled in the past, and what level of compensation their clients have been awarded. The lawyers at Eric J. Hertz, P.C. have consistently demonstrate dedication and commitment to their clients in the area of personal injury. Receive the support of experienced, proven legal representation and contact today to receive the best outcome for your catastrophic injury.