Dog Attack Lawsuit Lawyer Atlanta, GA

If you have recently been the victim of a dog attack, finding the right lawyer to press the case is the first step in getting the deserved justice. Whether it was you, a family member, or a loved one who has sustained injuries from a dog, taking the case to court is the best way to get your due compensation. A dog owner must accept the responsibility of their dog’s actions, regardless of whether their dog has acted aggressively before. It is important to find the right lawyer for your unique case.

Did you know that some cities and towns have laws against certain breeds of dogs? These rules and regulations are put in place specifically to prevent dog bites and attacks. By keeping the more aggressive breeds of dogs out of city parks and off of city sidewalks, the citizens are less likely to encounter a mean dog. Citizens and politicians alike disagree on whether this is an effective way to decrease dog attacks within city limits.

Animal lovers often argue that it is not a specific breed of dog that is the problem; instead, it is how a dog is raised. Since it is not hard to find a gentle Rottweiler or a vicious Beagle, the animal lovers may have a point. However, regardless of whether your city has rules regarding dangerous dogs, or whether you were attacked by a poodle or a German shepherd, you have the right to take the case to court and get the compensation and justice you deserve.

Even dogs that have never been known to bite or show aggressive behavior can end up attacking an adult or child if baited, bothered or caught off guard. Not every lawsuit regarding dog attacks and dog bites ends with the animal in question being put down, thus tenderhearted victims do not need to worry about the eventual ramifications of their legal actions. Remember that as a pedestrian and as a citizen you have personal rights and freedoms when injured in any way by someone else’s dog. A good lawyer will hear your side of the story and fight for the compensation you want, need and deserve.

Many dog bite victims rack up expensive hospital bills while having their wounds treated. If they do not have health insurance, those bills often go directly to debt collectors. Other dog attack victims miss work, school or other responsibilities from being laid up after a dog attack. All these situations can be compensated and reimbursed for if you find the right lawyer to argue your case.

To find out more about dog attacks and how to file a suit to get the justice you deserve, visit for a consultation and further information. An experienced lawyer, Eric J Hertz, PC, and his team can assist you in gathering evidence and bringing your case to court. Every citizen has a right to own a dog, but every citizen is also entitled to live a life free of dog attacks and all the related expenses and trauma.


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