Case Study: Accidents Caused by Road Deterioration

Case Study: Accidents Caused by Road DeteriorationAlthough there are many variables that can lead to traffic accidents, perhaps one of the most common is road deterioration. In the United States, drivers are facing increasingly dangerous road conditions, and everything from potholes to loose gravel can lead to accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, drivers typically have limited options when it comes to addressing these issues with local and state governments, and contacting the federal government about road conditions can turn into an endless bureaucratic nightmare.

Studies Point out the Facts

A recent study conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation has shown that over 30 percent of all accidents and traffic fatalities in the nation can be attributed to road deterioration and poor road conditions. This staggering figure also comes along with the fact that road deterioration accidents cost over $215 billion per year, and many experts believe that this amount of money would easily fix many of the country’s major roadways. In addition, the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation study also shows that business owners face costs of over $20 million each year to pay for injured employees due to road deterioration, and this figure ultimately causes a rise in price for goods and services.

Government Reports Add Credence

Aside from the study conducted by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also issued reports through its Fatality Analysis Reporting System that emphasize the problem of road deterioration and accidents. For example, in 2010, there were almost 33,000 people killed in crashes in the United States, and when you take into account that 30 percent of all fatalities are caused by road conditions, this means that nearly 10,000 people each year could be spared by simply making road repairs.

Information for Injured Individuals

If you’ve suffered an injury due to road deterioration, you may be facing a number of difficult questions right now. You know that you deserve compensation for your injuries, but who is responsible? How do you go about seeking the compensation you deserve? If you have to sue someone or some governmental agency, how do you get the process started? Thankfully, attorney Eric J. Hertz is here to provide you with the answers to all of these questions and more. Using his many years of experience, Eric J. Hertz and the team at the Hertz Law Firm can assist you with legal services that are designed to get you compensation for your injuries fast.

Investigating Your Claim and More

One of the toughest parts of proving that road conditions were the cause of your accident is investigating the case and gathering evidence. Eric J. Hertz and his staff will be able to speak with you regarding exactly what happened, and then they can fully investigate your claims to gather evidence to produce in court. With the Hertz Law Firm on your side, you can be sure that your voice will be heard and that you will be treated fairly during the legal process. To find out how you can be compensated for your accident and injuries due to road deterioration, call 404-577-8111 today or contact us online.