Road Rage Statistics By State

What is it that makes some drivers so angry on the road? Sometimes there is a reasonable thing that prompts the anger, such as another car cutting dangerously close in front of a driver. Still, keeping your temper on the road is key to safe driving. If you have been harassed by another driver who was suffering from what most people call road rage, you deserve justice.

Aggressive driving includes everything from weaving in and out of lanes to get to your destination a few seconds faster to overusing your horn to express frustration with other road users. Everyone has to share the same road and there is a level of commitment to that shared road space that must be respected if everyone wants to get where they are going in a safe, timely manner.

When someone lets their traffic jam frustration reach a pitch, they take the next step from aggressive driving and become enraged. This makes them respond rudely to other drivers and it also makes them drive more dangerously. Tailgating, horn honking, not using turn signals and talking on a cell phone while driving in thick traffic are all activities that are common among aggressive drivers and become even more dangerous when that driver, for whatever reason, becomes angry.

**Statistics By State**
Though you will find aggressive and enraged drivers in every state of the union, some states have higher rates of angry drivers. In most cases, these higher instances of road rage incidents come from particularly infuriating and difficult sections of road. When traffic builds, people become impatient.

For the safest and friendliest drivers, you’ll want to visit the West Coast. Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, are known as two of the most courteous cities when it comes to prevalence of angry drivers. Other places with few angry drivers include St Louis, Pittsburgh and the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

Big cities tend to have worse drivers, making Seattle and Dallas notable in their kind driving statistics. Miami is worst in the nation. New York City is one of the American cities that has the angriest drivers and this should be no surprise. This massive, compressed city has long had the reputation for being full of crazy drivers. Even with a good public transit system, the roads remain crowded, crazy and dangerous. Other big cities to avoid include Boston, LA and Washington DC.

**Demographics of Rage**
Road rage statistics by state let us know that not everyone gets angry with the same frequency when behind the wheel. In fact, the most common enraged drivers are young men under the age of 19. Experts disagree as to why this is. Some say young men are naturally more hot-headed and aggressive, while other people argue against this statement.

Regardless of your age, gender and other personal demographics, if you have been personally injured by an enraged driver, you can find justice. You deserve support and advocacy and the enraged driver who injured you deserves to face the results of their actions. The informed and friendly lawyers at
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