Serious Brain Injury Lawyers In Norcross, GA

Serious Brain Injury Lawyers In Norcross, GASerious brain injuries can be devastating, both to those that are suffering, as well as to their family and friends. A serious brain injury can occur without warning and can lead to a lifetime of hardship and disability. Often times, those that have been injured will require lifelong care, including assistance with feeding, basic hygiene and medical needs. To make matters worse, those that have been injured may have mounting medical bills, as well as bills for long-term care.

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious brain injury as a result of someone else’s actions, it’s important to know that you may be entitled to compensation. Eric J. Hertz, P.C. is available in the Norcross, GA area to help those that have been injured to take full advantage of their legal rights, and he can fight for you too. Eric J. Hertz, P.C. has the experience and expertise to ensure that your interests are represented in a court of law and to ensure that you are treated fairly and with dignity. Having a legal expert like Eric J. Hertz, P.C. on your side is important when seeking compensation in a brain injury case, as you may be facing an army of attorneys from an insurance company or a large corporation, all of whom are being paid to keep you from receiving fair compensation. Eric J. Hertz, P.C. can help you to take on these entities and have your voice be heard.

Additionally, the fact is, the legal system is complicated and confusing. People that have suffered a serious brain injury may be unsure of their first step in seeking compensation, leading to lost opportunities and more hardship. These people may try to represent themselves in court, but due to the nature of the court system, they often end up losing out on the compensation they rightfully deserve. Eric J. Hertz, P.C. has the knowledge to guide you through the legal process, allowing you to concentrate on caring for yourself or a loved one during this difficult time. Eric J. Hertz, P.C. can meet with you to discuss the facts of your case, and he can then get to work fighting for your interests in court. In fact, depending on the circumstances of your case, you may not even have to be in the courtroom for Eric J. Hertz, P.C. to fight for your rights. Remember, you need to focus on healing from your injuries or caring for a loved one, not on trying to fight a court battle.

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious brain injury and you’re unsure of your next step, contact Eric J. Hertz, P.C. today at to find out what he can do for you. Don’t spend another day in frustration, wondering where you’re going to get the money to pay your medical bills. Let Eric J. Hertz, P.C. fight for you to get the maximum amount of compensation possible. To schedule a consultation or for more information on Eric J. Hertz, P.C. be sure to Contact us today.


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