Workplace Injuries And Illnesses In Savannah, GA

Workplace Injuries And Illnesses In Savannah, GAThe dust explosion at the Imperial Sugar Refinery in 2008, which injured 38 workers and killed 14, is a tragic example of how on-the-job accidents affect an entire community. No one expects them, many attempt to prevent them, but occupational injuries happen.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistic in 2010, of the 3.6 million people working in the state of Georgia, there were 3300 people who had accidents or illness in their workplace. 82 people died statewide on the job—5 in Savannah alone.

These statistics show that not every employer provides a safe place to work. These numbers only count the number of cases reported; the actual numbers of people injured due to accident or illness may be higher. Workers tend to keep working, regardless of pain or illness, due to the fear of losing their job. There is another option.

There are both federal and state laws that address the employer’s responsibility for the health and safety of their employees. If unsafe conditions exist in your workplace that result in injury or illness, call the offices of Eric J. Hertz, P.C. Speak to a lawyer and tell them how you got hurt or sick. You will receive a free review of your case, and an honest legal opinion on what benefits you may be entitled to. These benefits are not charity or welfare, but rather how the law indicates you should be compensated.

There is no reason you should go into personal debt due to an accident that happened at work or illness due to exposure to something on the job. The law provides for compensation such as having your medical bills paid, reimbursement for travel expenses to get to medical appointments, and prescription medications with no out of pocket expense. Monetary checks to replace the pay you are unable to earn while you get better is another option. You may be eligible for some or all of these benefits and more.

To obtain these benefits, certain forms need to be filled out and submitted correctly. If they are unfamiliar to you, these forms can be somewhat confusing. The attorneys at Hertz Law know these forms and the laws that oversee them. They can keep you informed every step of the way, and explain things you do not understand.

Do not make the mistake of believing your employer will automatically give you these benefits, even if it is the law. They have the right to claim it was not their fault that you got hurt, and they pay lawyers to protect their interests. Do not let them take advantage of your lack of knowledge of the law and legal system. To make things fair, you should have a lawyer representing you.

Your family, friends, and community all depend on you. Take care of yourself and them. Call Eric J. Hertz, P.C., and talk to an attorney who will listen to your side, counsel and guide you through the process and fight for your legal rights.