Airplane Crash Lawyer Savannah, GA

Airplane Crash Attorney GeorgiaAn airplane crash can lead to extremely devastating injury or death. While most people will fly throughout their lives safely, accidents do happen. Survivors of an airplane crash may spend weeks in the hospital and years trying to recover from the incident, and costly medical bills stack up. If you or a loved one has suffered injury or death in an airplane crash, contact Eric J. Hertz, P.C. for a consultation.

Pilots spend many hours on the ground and in the air learning to fly safely. They must learn to read many different types of instruments and receive multiple supervised training sessions during their first flights. Learning to fly a plane is a difficult task, and many things can go wrong. Failing to read an instrument correctly can lead to a miscalculation in speed or altitude that can lead to a crash. Even the most carefully trained pilots can make mistakes, and their negligence can lead to a crash.

Some airplane crashes are caused by mechanical failures. Even though ground crews routinely check planes before each flight, sometimes things are missed. Mechanical failures can also be caused by wear and tear or faulty design or manufacturing. When this occurs, the manufacturer or repair crew is at fault for the accident and must pay damages to victims.

Crashes may also be caused by the negligence of radio operators, who are required to help direct pilots on specific areas of the runway at an airport, to ensure that no collisions occur. Unfortunately, many of these radio operators are required to spend such long hours directing operations, that they are prone to human error, and some have been known to fall asleep due to exhaustion. This type of negligence causes accidents on the ground while planes are maneuvering across runways and during takeoff and landing. Accidents on the ground can still cause extremely devastating injuries or even death due to high speeds during takeoff and landing.

Lawsuits involving airplane accidents often lead to very large settlements or verdicts, due to the severity of the injuries. What happens to a passenger in an airplane is entirely beyond his or her control. Commercial carriers are required to carry insurance just in case anything happens, so compensation is likely available to cover medical bills, lost wages, and to compensate those who have been injured or survived a loved one’s death for pain and emotional suffering. These cases can be very complex, and an attorney may need to question many people and carefully analyze all the evidence to determine the cause of the accident. Multiple people and organizations may be at fault in these types of accidents, so this thorough analysis is essential for obtaining compensation.

Eric J. Hertz will aggressively pursue your legal rights following an airplane accident so that you and your family can receive compensation to help recover from this devastating incident. Contact Hertz Law Firm to set up an initial consultation and receive more information.


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