Tractor Trailer Wreck less Accidents Attorneys In Tifton, GA

If you or someone you know has become victim of a tractor-trailer related accident, you will need a lawyer to represent you in protecting your legal rights and getting all the key evidence that is needed to help to receive compensation. Truck-trailer accidents are very dangerous and can result in serious lifelong injuries. A lawyer who specializes in tractor-trailer accidents and has experience working with those kind of cases, can make sure that the truck driver and the company responsible for both the truck and trailer, is held responsible for the answer.

When truck-trailer drivers are wreck less and cause accidents that result in any kind of injury, they are to be held responsible for their action. The truck and trailer company is also responsible to ensure that their truck and/or trailer(s) meet road regulation standards and have been serviced properly before being commissioned on the road. The injuries that a person can sustain from a truck-trailer related accident can be very harmful. Catastrophic injuries in particular can be very difficult to deal with and range from spinal cord injuries, to brain and head injuries. In extreme cases, amputation injuries can also be sustained or even death. Dealing with these kind of injuries can be difficult and even traumatic for anyone. With a truck-trailer lawyer, you can not only pursue a court case but also receive the right compensation and those who caused the accident be brought to justice.

Although ensuring that clients receive damages is at the top of most professional truck-trailer lawyers, most lawyers also work with clients helping them through the entire process of recovery, dealing with injuries and working to gather evidence to build a case for the truck-trailer accident.

Once a person has sustained serious injuries from a truck-trailer accident, they will need several kinds of compensation to cover their lost earning capacity, lost as a result of the accident, medical cover and in cases of death, future earning capacity cover.

This does not even include any emotional trauma that a person will go through having to relive every moment of the accident. Truck and trailer owners and drivers are responsible to ensure that the truck and trailers are well kept and serviced regularly because of the heavy weight load that they carry. There are a number of reasons why a truck-trailer accident can occur including driver fatigue, truck driver in attention, trailer overturns, trailer overload, faulty truck/trailer mechanics and even truck driver intoxication.

If the accident is caused by one or more of these reasons, you have a right to hold the truck driver and truck/trailer company responsible and legally pursue compensation for the accident. An experienced truck-trailer wreck less lawyer will be able to advise you on what the best course of action will be in your case as well as helping you build up a case for a lawsuit.

Taking legal action will require the assistance of a lawyer who specializes in truck-trailer wreck less accidents. If you are thinking about taking legal action, talk to Eric J. Hertz, P.C. at for a consultation or for more information.

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