Nursing Negligence Cases in Savannah, GA

nursing negligence attorneyWhen in the care of medical personnel, most people trust that they will be cared for, monitored and treated with the proper medicines and procedures. This applies not only to hospital visits and stays, but also to routine doctor visits, in-home care and residential care. While the vast majority of medical professionals take great pride in offering top-notch care and supervision, there are some individuals who become negligent in their duties. When medical negligence occurs, it can result in medical complications, increased progression of diseases, and in extreme cases, death. Medical negligence can occur in almost any medical setting, and it can involve almost any medical professional, but by and large, the most common form of medical negligence is nursing negligence.

Nursing negligence is especially problematic as nurses are often the front line of defense and care for patients. Nurses are tasked with routinely checking in on patients in hospitals, administering medications, taking and storing fluid samples, ensuring all medical equipment is operating correctly, recording measurements and more, and each of these tasks is vital for the health and well being of patients. Nursing negligence can cause patient information to become lost or become improperly recorded or stored, and this can result in improper dosing of medicines, improper administration of medicines and improper prognoses being given. Essentially, nursing negligence could cause a complete breakdown in a patient’s chain-of-care.

If you or a loved one have suffered due to nursing negligence in Savannah, GA, it’s important to know that you may be due compensation. As mentioned, nursing negligence can cause far- reaching problems, and there is no one specific ailment that qualifies for nursing negligence compensation. The problem that many people run into, however, is that nursing negligence may be difficult to prove. Often, this type of negligence occurs when patients are unresponsive in a hospital setting, meaning they might not even realize what happened until much later.

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