Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Georgia

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in GeorgiaNursing home abuse is one of the most under-reported crimes in the country, and sadly, it occurs more often than most people realize. In addition, nursing home abuse doesn’t have to involve the elderly. Individuals who are residing in nursing care facilities due to disabilities and injuries can also suffer from nursing home abuse, and the consequences are often just as tragic. From verbal intimidation and threats to physical hitting and sexual molestation, nursing home abuse comes in many forms, and its effects can be long-lasting.
What Can Be Done?
One of the biggest obstacles that victims of nursing home abuse face is letting someone know what is going on. Because most victims have no choice but to reside in the facility where the abuse is taking place, they often remain silent about what is happening to them for fear of retaliation by nursing home staff. In some cases, abusers will also threaten the very lives of their victims, and they often prey upon those who are unable to communicate effectively. If you hear about nursing home abuse in your community, or if you suspect that it is being perpetrated against a loved one, you need to contact personal injury attorney Eric J. Hertz, of the Hertz Law Firm.

How Can the Hertz Law Firm Help?

The Hertz Law Firm has many years of experience in handling nursing home abuse cases, and its attorneys fight for injured victims and their families every day. From investigating claims of abuse to seeking compensation for injuries in court, Eric J. Hertz and his staff work tirelessly to ensure that justice is served. The personal injury attorneys at the Hertz Law Firm understand the unique nature of nursing home abuse cases, and they handle each one with care. Whether the abuse has taken place in the past or it is suspected to be ongoing in the present, Eric J. Hertz can bring the facts to light.

Compensation for Injuries

As mentioned, abuse in a nursing facility can come in many forms, and as a result, compensation for injuries is not the same in every case. Compensation can be sought for physical harm, mental distress, and emotional injuries, and the degree to which the victim has suffered needs to be taken into account. Some injuries may last a lifetime, and it can be difficult to put a price on these effects. When you partner with the Hertz Law Firm, you’ll deal with an experienced attorney who can help you to find the exact amount of compensation for your specific situation.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Whether you have personally been abused or you’re concerned about the effects of nursing home abuse on a loved one, contact the Hertz Law Firm for a free consultation. You have a right to seek compensation for your injuries, and you also deserve to have your voice heard. Don’t allow yourself to suffer in silence – contact Eric J. Hertz today at 404-577-8111 to find out how you can get the compensation you or your loved one deserve