Medical Malpractice: Speedy Tissue Loss May Affect Spinal Injury Treatment

Medical Malpractice: Speedy Tissue Loss May Affect Spinal Injury TreatmentThe law firm of Eric J. Hertz, P.C. is committed to representing clients in medical malpractice cases. Spinal cord injuries are no exception.  Georgia and United States Federal Law are both designed to apprehend doctors who would abuse or criminally neglect their patients, and we are here to enforce those laws and protect their victims.

When you incur an injury to your spinal cord, you risk the loss of necessary bodily tissues.  Recent scientific studies have revealed that the damage from such tissue loss could be permanent in a mere 40 days, little over a month’s time.  Therefore, it is paramount that any patient in a case of spinal cord injury be aware that the doctor should treat it as soon as they possibly can.  If they don’t, they can liable for malpractice under Georgia law.

However, the possibility of malpractice doesn’t merely begin at initial diagnosis.  Even well into the recovery process is there room for gross negligence.  Sometimes, surgery may be necessary to effectively treat spinal cord injuries.  Standard lumbar surgery is a heavily-invasive procedure that involves a large incision into your back as well as the forcible removal of muscular tissue in order to access the spine and decompress damaged nerves.  During this process, it is very possible to lose motor controls and other means of movement through muscular damage during surgery.  Any mistakes done unto the spine can be arguably worse, resulting in problems up to and including paralysis.

New procedures have been developed over the past several years, such as minimally invasive surgery, which removes many of the risks associated with standard lumbar surgery.  However, there is room for malpractice to occur here as well.  Minimally invasive surgery does not suit every single injury case and, in the case of some, would be ineffective at treating patient injuries.  Performing it injudiciously could make a doctor liable for such a civil suit.

If you feel you’ve been preyed upon by a malpracticing doctor, either during the initial diagnosis of your spinal injury or through the course of its subsequent treatment, or if the treatment itself is thought to be suspect and perhaps further debilitating, then contact us as you may have a malpractice case to pursue in court.

The law firm of Eric J. Hertz, P.C. possesses the resources, knowhow and dedication to see that justice is served and that you get an appropriate settlement for the anguish you endured from medical malpractice.  Call us now and we will give you a free consultation in which we will discuss your legal options with you.