Malpractice Lawsuits against Hospitals in Atlanta Georgia

While every patient hopes that his or her stay in a hospital will be uneventful and brief, there are occasions when a hospital and its personnel fail their patients, leading to unnecessary suffering and possible long-term consequences to the patient’s health. In such an event, the victim often will be forced to seek assistance from a qualified attorney in filing a malpractice lawsuit against the hospital and its employees in order to obtain compensation.

Types of Hospital Malpractice Claims

Malpractice lawsuits against a hospital may be for a wide variety of reasons, but all of them have at their core the fact that the hospital failed to carry out its duties to the patient, resulting in financial, physical, or emotional harm. Examples of malpractice can include any of the following:

• Failing to effectively diagnose a patient’s medical condition, resulting in delayed or incorrect treatment.

• Failing to provide timely medical care for hospital patients, especially those admitted to the emergency room.

• Negligent treatment during the hospital stay, including administering the incorrect drugs or avoidable mistakes during and after surgery.

• Failing to adequately monitor the patient’s condition and progress during his or her stay in the hospital on the part of nurses or doctors.

• A lack of adequate assistance from the hospital after the patient’s discharge, especially after surgery or illness.

In many cases, these examples of medical malpractice result from the failure of the hospital’s management to effectively supervise and evaluate the workers. For example, a hospital has a responsibility to evaluate and observe doctors and nurses alike, and failing to remove a medical professional who has proven to be unreliable or incompetent makes the hospital responsible for the individual’s later medical infractions.

In other cases, the errors may stem from organizational issues within the hospital management itself. An example of this would be a failure to implement effective procedures to ensure that patients receive the proper medication, with effective follow up observation to determine if the treatment is effective.

Seeking Compensation from the Hospital

However, should it become necessary to file a malpractice lawsuit against a hospital, it is vital to retain a qualified attorney. In addition to the very real physical and emotional suffering the victim and family are undergoing at that point, the medical malpractice field is a complex one that requires a highly skilled legal professional. This can be especially important should the hospital claim that they are not at fault or otherwise attempt to defend the incident of malpractice. In many cases, a skilled attorney may be able to convince the hospital to reach an acceptable settlement, avoiding the need for a trial.

Regardless of the exact nature of the case, hospital malpractice is always emotionally and financially traumatic for the victims and their families alike. By securing skilled representation, the injured party can obtain an effective resolution to the case, allowing them to obtain the compensation needed to help put the unfortunate affair behind them. Contact the lawyers at Eric J. Hertz for immediate legal advise.