Legal Cases Claim For Negligent Supervision in Atlanta GA

negligent supervisionWhen you entrust a person or corporation to supervise a loved one, you should have the confidence that your loved one will be taken care of and kept from harm. This loved one may be a child, an elderly parent or relative or a student, but regardless, you are trusting that the person or entity supervising them will ensure their safety. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen, and sometimes, it’s as a result of negligence. Negligent supervision can happen virtually anywhere, but if it happens to you in Atlanta, GA, you need to know your options for seeking compensation.

Negligent supervision can result in injuries, all of which can be physical, mental and emotional, or they can even result in death. Many people who are meant to be supervised in the Atlanta area go on to ingest toxic substances, wander off into dangerous territories or even harm themselves. These kinds of actions are easily avoidable when a person is properly supervised, but in the case of negligent supervision, they occur all too often.

If you’ve been the victim of negligent supervision, or if you’re the caregiver or loved one of a person who has been the victim of negligent supervision, you need to know that legal professionals, such as Eric J. Hertz of the Hertz Law Firm, are here to help. Partnering with Eric J. Hertz and his legal staff can have many benefits, including getting compensation for the injuries that you or your loved one have sustained.

One of the biggest problems for individuals who are trying to prove negligent supervision is evidence. This comes as a result of the circumstances of supervised individuals, many of whom are children or elderly, and this can sometimes cause problems in communication. As a result, if you suspect your loved one has been injured due to negligent supervision, it’s time to call on a legal professional, such as Eric J. Hertz, to help you sift through the evidence. Eric J. Hertz can meet or talk with you to discuss the specifics of your case, and then he and his staff can investigate your claims to offer the clearest evidence of negligence and wrongdoing, ultimately ending in you and your loved one receiving the compensation that’s deserved.

Remember, negligent supervision can cause damage, and this damage can be severe. It’s not fair for you to entrust the safety of a loved one to someone else only to end up with an injury on your hands. If you or a loved one have fallen victim to a caregiver who was negligent in their supervision, it’s important for you to contact Eric J. Hertz and the Hertz legal team to discuss your options. Eric J. Hertz is dedicated to resolving legal issues involving supervisory negligence, and he wants to ensure that everyone is protected and safe. Don’t let another moment of suffering go by; ensure that your rights are protected and your compensation is obtained by contacting Eric J. Hertz and the Hertz Law Firm today!