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Insurance Claim Lawyer in GeorgiaInsurance policies are legally binding agreement between the insurer and a person or business. In return for the timely payment of a premium on the policy, the insurance company has the legal obligation to pay the policyholder for damages or losses as specified under the coverage provisions of the contract.

Sometimes, insurance companies fail to honor the contractual terms of the policy by unreasonable delays or denying claim benefits. For some policyholders, the matter must go before a court of law to compel the insurance company to pay benefits due under the agreement.

Immediately, seek the assistance of an experience insurance claim lawyer to help you collect what you are due. The law firm of Eric J. Hertz, P.C. has the resources to represent your case against the insurance company.

Like most for-profit enterprises, insurance companies want to minimize their expenses and watch their bottom line. They make money by collecting premiums, the less they payout in claim benefits, the better their bottom line.

Insurer’s Claim Obligations

Georgia State laws require insurance companies to meet certain obligations regarding the settlement of insurance claims. Insurers must investigate claims in a timely manner and settle the matter quickly. Insurance companies must have a clear explanation of the results of a claim –whether paid or denied.

Insurers that fail to follow these requirements operate “in bad faith,” which materializes in many forms, including:

• Low settlement offers to adequately compensate from damages
• Improper investigation of damages to delay or deny the insurance claim
• Failure to act in a reasonable time
• Intentional deception or fraud
• Confusing wording in the policy
• Excessive documentation or verification of a claim

If the insurance company offers you a quick settlement check, consult with an attorney before cashing the check of assigning a Release of All Claims form. Once you cash that check or sign the release, you may compromise your chance to collect what you are entitle to receive for your damages.

Consult an Experience Insurance Claims Attorney

Eric J. Hertz, P.C. have years of experience and understand the numerous ways insurance companies deny claims. You require knowledgeable, aggressive legal representation if you have been involved in any type of insurance-related claim matter, such as:

• Wrongful death
• Automobile insurance
• Life insurance
• Product liability
• Short-term or long-term disability insurance
• Business insurance

Our experienced lawyers advise you as to the merits of any type of delayed or denied insurance claim case, and if you should pursue litigation. It does not cost anything for advice. You have nothing to lose by contacting Eric J. Hertz, P.C to discuss your case.

At Eric J. Hertz, P.C., we have a record of accomplishment protecting clients’ rights and ensuring they receive fair treatment and in good faith. Once you hire an attorney as an adviser, you can concentrate your time and energy on getting you life back to normal.

Remember, do not sign anything before you talk to one of our lawyers about your case—we offer free consultation. Contact today.


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