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If you are amongst the one-in-five workers in Columbus or anywhere else in Georgia who has missed work because of a serious job-related illness or accident, immediately call the law offices of Eric Hertz. Putting their skill, training, and experience to work on your case, Hertz and his team will fight for every penny of the benefits, compensation and damages you deserve. Award winner and record setter, Hertz, is the lawyer other lawyers call when they try the toughest personal injury cases.

In 2010, 82 Georgia workers lost their lives on the job; nearly 3500 others were seriously injured. As a percentage of the total Georgia workforce, the number of fatalities seems miniscule—0.0000275 per cent. In the real world, however, the numbers mean that 82 Georgia families have lost their primary breadwinners; as the accidents’ consequences ripple through extended families and communities. At least 2400 of your friends’ and neighbors’ lives are forever damaged, impoverished because Georgia employers failed to provide safe workplaces for their employees. Careful analysis of the cases reveals employers could have prevented every single one of those deaths. Conscience, common sense and the law demand employers should pay for their negligence.

Best, busiest workers most at risk.
The statistics reveal even more about employers’ disregard for their workers’ safety. 31 of the fatal accidents involved contact with dangerous machinery or falls; 18 of the fatal accidents happened as workers transported materials for their companies. Maybe not surprisingly, none of the casualties were women; instead, men at the peak of their careers paid the price for their employers’ negligence. More than two-thirds of the fatalities were men between 25 and 55, all of them with more than five years experience on their jobs, and almost all of them with children still living at home. In every case, improved safety equipment and more extensive training could have prevented or mitigated the damage from the accidents. Twelve of the men died from collision with flying or falling objects; proper protective equipment would have saved their lives. Fifteen of the men died in falls; safety restraints would have saved their lives. Six men died from exposure to hazardous wastes; with proper training and safety gear, all six would be alive and working today. In every case, therefore, families have more than just cause for wrongful death suits, and the law entitles them to collect not only compensatory damages to cover their medical and therapeutic expenses but also punitive damages to send a loud and clear message that the people of Columbus and all of Georgia will not tolerate major employers’ neglect of their workers’ well-being.

Beware your buddies.
Perhaps most alarming among the statistics: Investigators recorded twenty-two of the deaths as homicides, the result of violent assaults. Although the number spikes considerably higher than averages over the last ten years, it remains consistent with a frightening trend. Workplace violence steadily has increased every year for the last fifteen years, and reports of bullying, intimidation and harassment have increased substantially during that period. “If the machinery doesn’t kill you, the guy working next to you probably will,” a veteran OSHA inspector shares the gallows humor. Of course, employers are responsible for guaranteeing harassment- and discrimination-free workplaces; when they fail to honor their responsibilities, they should pay.

When trying personal injury cases, attorneys must combine medical knowledge with command of personal injury law, and they must use sophisticated courtroom tactics and techniques to persuade juries of the gross injustice negligent employers have wrought on their dedicated workers. Eric Hertz has proven his membership among Georgia’s elite personal injury lawyers. Hertz and his team have won more $57 million in damages for their clients, not a dollar of which really can compensate for bereaved families’ losses, but some of which may bring a measure of solace, and all of which can contribute to making workplaces safer for all Georgia wage-earners. When you file suit against your employer, you want Eric Hertz representing you. Contact the offices of Eric Hertz today!