How to Get Help in the Chaotic Moments After an Auto Accident

How to Get Help in the Chaotic Moments After an Auto AccidentSuffering an auto accident is one of the most daunting life experiences anyone can go through. You can never really be mentally prepared for accepting that type of situation regardless of how serious it is. However, you can be prepared with the right knowledge about what you can do at the scene of a car accident.

Seek Medical Help Immediately if Necessary

The first thing you should do is call 911 if you or any of the passengers in your vehicle have serious injuries. If you can, cautiously try to assist others involved in the crash before help arrives.

If your injuries aren’t too serious, you can simply contact your physician to schedule the nearest appointment. You might need the documentation to help you preserve your rights in the event of a legal case in the future. In addition to going to the doctor the first time, you’ll need to schedule a follow-up appointment.

It’s important to note that you should never flee the scene of the crash or make any comments that could be held against you legally. Ask the other driver involved in the crash for their information, from their name to that of their insurance company, or wait for the police to arrive and gather the details for you.

Contact an Attorney

Once you’ve dealt with the medical-related issues, you should call a trustworthy lawyer. It’s not recommended to wait very long before calling an experienced attorney, since the more you delay it, the more you’ll put yourself at risk of not getting the opportunity to practice your rights.

To begin with, insurance companies will most likely be difficult to handle on your own, as will other multifaceted legal matters that can come into play. The experienced professionals at the law firm of Eric J. Hertz can take care of all of the legal work for you with the right tools and knowledge to have your rights fully protected.

Speak to Your Insurance Company and Auto Technician

After speaking to the law firm of Eric J. Hertz, you should call your insurance company to inform them about the accident. They’ll walk you through their guidelines and outline which actions you should start taking. You can tell your insurance company that a lawyer will be representing you.

After finishing the call with your insurance company, look for the nearest skilled auto mechanic. Before leaving your car at the shop for repair, be sure to ask the mechanic about all of the costs you’ll have to take care of and pay attention to any written documents you’ll be signing—including the fine print.

Gather Documentation

Lastly, you should keep record of all of the documents related to the crash. The law firm of Eric J. Hertz can guide you with deciphering such forms and how each should be handled. It’s always more helpful to have as much information on hand as possible to minimize the room for inconsistencies, which can help build a stronger case.

For more information on which steps to take at the scene of an accident, contact the law firm of Eric J. Hertz today. We’ll be more than happy to help answer any of your questions.