How To File A Workers’ Compensation Claim In Johns Creek, Ga

how to file a workers compensation claim in johns creek, GAPrior to filing a workers’ compensation claim in Johns Creek, Ga, investigate your options before pressing ahead with the case. Once you submit your claim, the company sends your file to the insurance company that administers its workers’ compensation program.

Remember, insurance companies are “for-profit” entities. They make money by limiting the value of your claim. Often, workers’ compensation claims go to court. Approach your case from the possibility that it will end up in court.

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Filing Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Documentation: When possible, document the accident or injury. This can include photographs, witness statements, and other evidence to support your case.

Notification: Inform your supervisor or employer about the accident or injury. In Johns Creek, Georgia, the statutes of limitation allow you up to 30 days after the incident to report it to the employer.

If your supervisor happens to witness the accident, the law assumes the employer received legal notification.

If you inform the employer after 30 days, you must put it in writing. In addition, the law requires you to include a good explanation of why you could not meet the 30 day deadline.

Complete WC-14 Form: After you give your employer a notice, fill out the Notice of Claim form, which you can receive from the human resources department. Return the form to the HR department or as instructed by your employer. If you mail the claim form, send it by certified mail and obtain a return receipt. Include any documentation you gathered for your case.

Keep copies of the claim form and documentation for your records.

You must send the Notice of Claim to the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Board, by one of the following deadlines:

1. One year from the date the injury occurred.
2. One year from the date of the last approved medical treatment you received and paid for by your company or insurance company.
3. Two years from the workers’ compensation payment, you received a part of the benefits.

Follow Up: After you file your claim, expect to hear from the insurance company within two weeks. If the insurer does not call you by that time, give them a call. Depending on the nature of the claim, the insurer may require you to go to another physician for a second opinion or deny your claim.

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Some workers’ compensations cases are complicated and may involve negligence by a third party, such as a manufacturer or product distributor. Regardless of the type of workers’ compensation claim you file in Johns Creek, Ga, you take a risk of not getting the full benefits if you handle the case on your own.

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