Health Care Fraud and Abuse Lawyers in Georgia

health-care-fraudHealthcare is something that is not only a political issue in America, but it’s also a concern that is shared by individuals and families of all political persuasions. As a result, it’s important that people are informed as to their options regarding healthcare for themselves and their loves ones. Unfortunately, the issue of healthcare can be complex, and this often leads people to commit fraud and even abuse against providers. When this deception occurs, it can lead to millions of dollars or more in lost or wasted funds, and it can also lead to lost lives and injuries.

The Damage of Healthcare Fraud

The ultimate issue at hand when it comes to healthcare fraud is denial of service. When someone commits healthcare fraud, they are tying up medical resources that could be directed toward individuals and families who are truly in need of help. Because these resources are diverted, they can then lead to further injury or even death. Individuals or families affected can then suffer tragic losses, pain, emotional trauma and even a host of medical costs related to their suffering or the suffering of a loved one.

What Can Be Done?

Thankfully, individuals who have been directly or indirectly affected as a result of healthcare fraud or abuse are able to seek compensation for their injuries, be they physical, mental or emotional. In order to seek this compensation, however, it takes a strong personal injury attorney, such as Eric J. Hertz, of the Hertz Law Firm. Eric J. Hertz and his team of legal experts represent individuals who have been harmed through healthcare fraud cases all the time, and they can assist you in seeking compensation in court or through a settlement.

The Legal Process

In order to receive compensation for injuries suffered as the result of medical fraud or abuse, you will likely need to file a lawsuit and present your case in court. This is where the legal professionals at the Hertz Law Firm step in. Your case can be heard and your interests represented by caring experts who will fight for your right to have your voice represented within the justice system. You can count on the lawyers at the Hertz Law Firm to treat you with respect and dignity, but also to provide all options available so that you can make the choice that’s best for you individual needs.

Contact Eric J. Hertz at Once

Unfortunately, many people fail to realize that they only have a limited amount of time to seek compensation after being injured due to healthcare fraud or abuse. In order to avoid missing your opportunity, you are encouraged to contact the Hertz Law Firm as soon as possible to receive a free consultation with a caring professional. From there, they can sort out the facts of your case and injuries and find a legal solution that will get you and your loved ones the compensation you deserve for any injuries. Call the Hertz Law Firm today at 404-577-8111 to learn more.