Eric J Hertz Provides Representation In Wrongful Death Cases

Losing a loved one can be one of the hardest experiences a person can go through in life, but when that loss occurs as a result of someone else’s negligence, the experience can be devastating. When a loved one dies, family members are often left with extreme heartache, but the problems don’t end there. Paying for the deceased’s debts, medical expenses, funeral expenses and more can all add up very quickly, and if the deceased was a provider, the loss of income can be financially crippling to dependents.

Wrongful Death

In situations where someone dies as a result of the negligence of another, the case may be considered a wrongful death case. In a criminal situation, the responsible party may or may not be charged in court with manslaughter or a similar charge, but families of deceased loved ones need to know that regardless of whether charges have been filed by the police, a civil lawsuit may still be possible. In fact, even if the responsible party has been sentenced to jail on a criminal charge related to the wrongful death, you still have the right to file a civil suit.

Why a Lawsuit?

Lawsuits in wrongful death cases are often brought forward in order to gain compensation for a loss. As mentioned, the death of a loved one can bring with it mounting debt, lost income and more, so family members and anyone who has been impacted by a wrongful death are encouraged to seek compensation in court. This compensation will be to cover medical expenses, debt, income loss and any other financial hardships related to the wrongful death, and compensation for pain and suffering may be sought as well.

How to go about a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In order to seek compensation, however, you will need to be prepared to present your case in court. This means that you will need to have actual evidence to not only prove that negligence was directly involved in the death of your loved one, but also that you have suffered as a result of the loss. The process of seeking compensation may be lengthy, and in most cases, the person or entity you are suing will have a lawyer or lawyers on their side as well. If you aren’t sure how to navigate the legal process, this could spell disaster in court for you and your family.

Eric J. Hertz Provides Representation in Wrongful Death Cases

One way to protect yourself in these situations is to partner with a personal injury lawyer, such as Eric Hertz. Eric Hertz, of the Hertz Law Firm, can offer you guidance in court and options to receive the maximum amount of compensation you are due. Working with a team of legal experts, Eric Hertz helps injured individuals and people who have suffered due to the actions of others, and he can offer clients unique services that are tailored to each individual case. If you aren’t confident regarding your abilities in court, Eric Hertz can also represent you and your interests to ensure that the process goes smoothly and successfully.