Eric J Hertz Helps You Win Your Slip and Fall Case

Slips and falls can occur anywhere, and when they do, they can leave years of pain and suffering in their wake. From a simple broken bone to serious head trauma, injuries sustained from slips and falls may require immediate medical attention and even lifelong care in a nursing facility. Unfortunately, when these types of accidents occur due to someone else’s negligence, it may be hard to get compensation for such injuries.

The Legal Battle Ahead

When someone causes another person to slip and fall, it’s common knowledge that the victim has the right to seek out compensation. Actually getting this compensation, however, can be a very lengthy and involved process, and people who don’t have much experience in the legal field may find themselves overwhelmed very quickly. When you add in the fact that someone who has suffered a slip and fall may not be able to physically attend all of the hearings required to successfully seek compensation, you’ve got a recipe for failure.

Formidable Enemies

In addition, even if an injured victim is able to go through with the process of suing a negligent individual or corporate entity, he or she will more than likely be facing formidable foes in court. For instance, if you slipped and fell due to a wet floor in a large chain grocery store, you need to remember that the grocery store will probably employ many high-pressure lawyers who will use intimidating tactics to fight your claims. This may be done by attempting to get you to sign away your rights, or it may even be done in court by making you look like you’re falsifying your claims. This is especially unfortunate, as you’re a victim who is trying to heal from your injuries and ensure that justice is served.

What’s at Stake?

Injured victims of slips and falls need to always remember, however, what is at stake. Injuries caused by slips and falls may lead to many thousands of dollars in medical bills, and in cases where a fall has led to hospitalization, a lengthy recovery period may be in store. This can mean lost time from work, lost wages and more. In cases where severe head trauma has taken place, the injured victim may need to have lifelong care, and their standard of living will almost undoubtedly decrease.

Eric J. Hertz Helps You Win Your Slip and Fall Case

If you’ve found yourself suffering due to a slip and fall, or if you have a loved one in your life who has been injured in a fall due to someone else’s negligence, a personal injury attorney, such as Eric Hertz, can help. Eric Hertz, of the Hertz Law Firm, is an experienced legal professional who offers expert advice and representation to injured victims of slips and falls as well as other accidents. If you’re unsure of your own skills in the courtroom, or if you’re being bullied by attorneys or insurance companies in relation to your injury, Eric Hertz and his team can stand with you to fight for what’s right.