Do I Have A Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury cases can result from a wide variety of circumstances. If you have been injured by a drunk, distracted, reckless or texting driver, you may be able to sue for compensation for your medical bills and damage to your vehicle. If you were a passenger in a vehicle and were injured as a result of the driver’s negligence, you may have a personal injury case. Motorcycle and biking accidents often result in severe injuries to the rider or riders. If another driver was at fault, the biker or cyclist can file a personal injury suit for medical bills and damages. Slip and fall accidents caused by wet floors in supermarkets, icy stairs or sidewalks, or even accidents on private property, such as your apartment building, can justify a personal injury suit. If your child is injured on school property, you may be able to sue on his or her behalf. Workers injured on the job can often file personal injury cases against their employers if the injury resulted from an unsafe working environment.

In all personal injury cases, negligence must be proven. The degree of injury will determine the value of your case. Injuries that will heal with no lasting damage may only bring an award of medical costs and lost work and a small sum for pain and suffering. Serious and disabling injuries, however, can bring large awards. If you or a loved one has been left unable to return to work after being injured due to the negligence of someone else, you should consult a personal injury attorney to make sure that you receive all the compensation due to you to cover medical bills and living expenses for as long as necessary. You may be able to receive compensation for emotional injuries as well.

After an injury, the other driver’s attorney or the owner of the property may try to pressure an accident victim into a quick settlement that is a pittance compared to what the case might really be worth if it went before a jury. Never sign away your rights without speaking to an attorney of your own choosing, but do make sure that you see an attorney as quickly as possible, because waiting too long may mean the statute of limitations has expired and you will lose the right to sue. Also keep in mind that in some types of injuries, complications may not show up for months or years and you may need more money for medical bills than you initially anticipated. What sounds like a good settlement at first may not be enough to cover all your future expenses. You may have to see several doctors to determine the full extent of your injuries and possible future complications.

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“DISCLAIMER: The above article is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to be, nor should be considered legal advice.  Legal advice can only be given by a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction following an individualized consultation.  If you are seeking legal advice, please contact an attorney in your area.”