Dangerous and Defective Drug Lawyer

Nearly every individual in America will at some point in their life, make use of various types of drugs, ranging from over the counter medications to prescriptions ordered by their physician. When a drug proves to be defective, serious injury or even death can result. In those cases, consulting a dangerous and defective drug lawyer is vital so that the injured parties can fully understand their legal options.

Types of Defective and Dangerous Drugs

There are a number of reasons that a drug may be dangerous to the user. They can range from simple manufacturing defects to complex questions of whether or not the drug was appropriately prescribed.

Defective Drugs

A defective drug is a drug that fails to provide its intended function. In many cases, defective drugs are the result of flaws in the manufacturing process, making the manufacturer liable for any injuries or deaths resulting from their use. In other cases, a drug may be rendered defective due to improper storage at the pharmacy or during transport. A dangerous and defective drug lawyer will work to gather the information to determine what party or parties were responsible for the defective drug, in order to obtain the best possible compensation.

Dangerous Drugs

Dangerous drugs are those that are, or have the potential to be, actively harmful to the user. In some cases, this is due to incomplete or erroneous product safety testing or the use of the drug for conditions that it was not originally intended to treat. In other cases, the drug may cause unavoidably dangerous side effects. In many cases, dangerous drugs are misprescribed by the physician, when a less harmful drug would have been more appropriate. In other cases, the drug manufacturer or physician may fail to warn users of the potential side effects of the drug.

Types of Compensation

The victims of a dangerous or defective drug can receive a number of types of compensation for their injuries, including the following:

• Compensation for medical costs associated with their injury.
• Compensation for lost wages or other job related costs.
• Compensation for their pain and suffering.
• In some cases of egregious wrongdoing, the court may choose to impose punitive damages on the defendants.

Finally, a skilled dangerous and defective drug lawyer can often obtain a settlement without having to go to court. When confronted by a prepared attorney, many companies find it more effective to negotiate an acceptable settlement, sparing the family the stress of having to go to court.

A dangerous or defective drug can cause tremendous injury and suffering for the user and their family. By obtaining the services of a skilled personal injury attorney, the victim of a defective drug can obtain the best possible compensation. The law offices of Eric. J Hertz, P.C. can provide an immediate consultation in order to inform the injured party of their legal options. To get an individualized consultation, contact us today!