Communicating with Your Lawyer: What You Need to Know

Communicating with Your Lawyer: What You Need to KnowFrom your first meeting to your last, the communication between you and your lawyer is important. In fact, great communication can be fundamental to the ultimate success of your case. Whether you have just hired a lawyer, or are still searching for the right man or woman for the job, there are a number of communication guidelines to keep in mind.

It Can’t Be a Guessing Game

Lawyers are professionals hired to help others navigate through complicated legal jargon and processes. One thing commonly said is lawyers are similar to doctors and dentists: they help you help yourself and, believe it or not, they can’t read your mind. When working with a lawyer, you must give them all of the information applicable to your case before they can work with it and—hopefully—win.

Start Off Running: Be Prepared at the First Meeting

The first time you meet with a lawyer, he or she is guaranteed to have a lot of questions for you. Before you meet with a lawyer for the first time, be ready for any potential questions he or she might ask you. And come up with questions for him or her, too.

When a lawyer is meeting a client for the first time, his or her intent will be to learn as much as they can about the client and case at hand. Your lawyer will want to grasp who you are, what you do and your standing in the case presented; therefore, come prepared:

  1. Bring documents and evidence, including: relevant contracts, financial documents, correspondence between parties involved, photos, accident or police reports, employment materials, witness statements and witness contact information
  2. Give your lawyer your contact information, including: home address, work address, employer’s information, home phone, cell phone, work number and email address
  3. Write down your story chronologically—be sure to identify key dates, names and facts
  4. Be prepared to tell the lawyer what you expect the outcome of the case to be or what you would like to see as the outcome

Continue to Be Open and Honest, and Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Hiring a lawyer to work on your case might seem daunting, but keep in mind you are hiring an expert to guide you through the legal process and be your #1 advocate. It is a lawyer’s job and ethical obligation to guide clients through the legal processes at hand. And it is in the client’s best interest to be on top of the ball whenever possible. This includes:

  • Asking questions whenever they arise
  • Making sure the lawyer gives you a clear and understandable explanation for any legal terms or matters in question
  • Sending requested documents to your lawyer on time whenever asked for
  • Communicating clearly, effectively and often

To communicate effectively with your lawyer: be prepared. Plan ahead for meetings by making a checklist of what you would like to discuss and what issues you would like to touch on or resolve during the meeting.

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