Climate Change Will Lead To Fewer Traffic Accidents, Research Suggests

For drivers, climate change may become a mixed blessing, as it will also help reduce hazardous road conditions that contribute to dangerous traffic accidents. In fact, climate change will lead to fewer traffic accidents, research suggests at this time.

Why Rising Temperatures May Help Motorists

A major effect of climate change is the general increase in temperatures. This will be of tremendous benefit to motorists, as it will reduce and in some places eliminate the danger of ice and snow coming to rest on roads and highways. This is one of the main reasons that climate change will lead to fewer traffic accidents, research suggests at this time, due to the reduction in the amount of time drivers may be exposed to dangerous conditions such as icy or snow covered roads.

Furthermore, the reduction in rain in some areas will also reduce the danger of skidding on the mixture of oil and water that covers roads and highways after a storm. This will reduce the potential for traffic accidents, especially in those regions previously prone to large amounts of rainfall.

The Continued Danger of Traffic Accidents

However, this will not eliminate the potential for serious traffic accidents. No matter the condition of the road, careless drivers who do not pay attention to their driving can cause a traffic collision. In fact, climate change will help eliminate some typical excuses used by these drivers. In such cases, the victims of traffic accidents may be able to obtain effective compensation for their injuries and damages.

Traffic Accidents and Compensation

Regardless of the road conditions, when drivers and passengers fall victim to an accident caused by a careless driver, they may be owed compensation. The most common forms of compensation include the following:

• Compensation for any injuries that resulted from the accident.
• Compensation for pain and suffering as a result of the accident.
• The court may order compensation for lost wages or other work-related losses.
• When a death has resulted from the accident, the family can obtain compensation for their pain and suffering, as well as the lost companionship of their relative.

A skilled attorney can effectively demonstrate the nature and cost of the accident to the court, increasing the probability of a favorable outcome. Additionally, skilled legal assistance can help arrive at an acceptable settlement with the defendant or the defendant’s insurance company. This can eliminate the need for the victim to endure a long trial.

Drivers, Accidents, and Climate Change

Climate change will lead to fewer traffic accidents, research suggests, which makes it more likely that those accidents that do occur are the result of a negligent driver. By obtaining effective legal assistance, the victims of an accident can obtain the compensation they need. After contacting the law offices of Eric. J Hertz, P.C., at (404)-577-8111, an individual can discuss the specifics of their case with a skilled personal injury attorney and determine what their best course of action will be.