Birth Injury Caused By Medical Malpractice in Georgia

birth injury caused by medical malpractice in GeorgiaThe birth of a baby represents a special occasion for any household. Normally, everything goes well during and after delivery. The baby and mother turn out healthy. Sometimes, mistakes occur even though doctors, staff persons and hospitals do everything within their power to ensure a safe and healthy birth.

Some of these birth injuries stem from the health of the mother or complications during pregnancy or delivery. Medical negligence, by the physician or some other medical staff person, causes other birth injuries.

Most birth injuries happen unintentionally; nonetheless, the doctor, hospital or staff has a legal responsibility for damages caused by the negligence. If you believe your baby may receive a birth injury caused by medical malpractice, you need to talk to a birth injury lawyer immediately.

The statutes of Limitation for this type of case can be confusing. A Hertz Law PC attorney can evaluate you case, explain your options and fight to help you receive the compensation to care for your child.

Types of Birth Injuries

Physician, nurses or other hospital employees have miscommunications or make mistakes that might cause trauma to a newborn baby. The mistake can occur at any point during delivery or post delivery. Often, the baby suffers an injury in the process.

Some common types of birth injuries include:

• Skull Fractures
• Facial Nerve Damages
• Unawareness of fetal distress
• Erb’s Palsy caused by pulling and stretching the arms of the newborn baby leading to weakness or
• Cerebral Palsy or a lack of nerve functionality and limited body movement caused by trauma to the brain

When a newborn suffers injury due to medical negligence, it becomes an issue of medical malpractice. Often, the physician or medical staff person could have prevented the injury by taking a particular action, making a different or timelier decision regarding the newborn’s care.

Birth injuries are complicated cases, which make it difficult to tell the extent of the damage immediately. Often, negligence leads to permanent harm. The parents and the baby’s care team must monitor the child’s development over time to ascertain the overall effect of injuries.

Contact Our Birth Injury Medical Malpractice Lawyers

The majority of medical negligence cases come about unintentionally, but some are intentional. Birth injuries caused by medical malpractice might also demonstrate recklessness on the part of the physician or medical professional. It is critical to speak to a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible after you believe injury has occurred.

Some of the common signs of something going wrong and possible medical negligence include the following injuries:

• Lack of muscle tone
• Baby’s head or body flops
• Seizures within first 48 hours of birth
• Baby requires breathing equipment
• Infant turns blue in color

If your newborn baby has suffered a birth injury that a birth injury medical malpractice occurred, speak to one of our birth injury lawyers to receive help. We have combined years of experience representing Georgia families and will fight to help you receive compensation for the emotional and financial challenges of caring for your child.