Birth Defect Settlement in Norcross, GA

Birth Defect Settlement in Norcross, GAHaving a baby is supposed to be a joyous and exciting time for both mothers and fathers, and many Norcross, GA residents celebrate the occasion for many months leading up to the actual birth and beyond. Unfortunately, for parents who have a baby who has experienced birth defects, the occasion can be anything but joyous. Birth defects can cause heartache for loved ones and physical and mental pain for the affected baby. Furthermore, birth defects can end up costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of an affected baby’s lifetime, and in extreme cases, some babies don’t make it out of the hospital as a result of birth defects.

Birth defects comprise a large list of physical and mental problems, and a defect can be something as simple as a cleft palate or something as deadly as an enlarged heart or malformed brain. Aside from the pain and difficulty caused by birth defects, many who are affected end up needing continual care for the rest of their lives. This care may mean in-home or residential treatment in a nursing facility, or it may mean support systems such as crutches, wheelchairs or respiration equipment. As mentioned, the medical costs of a birth defect can be incredibly high, and the support costs only add to that number.

While most birth defects in Norcross, GA have no immediate underlying cause, some are the result of a medical practitioner’s negligence. In recent years, more and more information is coming out which links certain drugs, such as antidepressants, to birth defects. Mothers who are prescribed these medications may be told that they are safe to take during pregnancy, only to find out later that these medicines have caused birth defects. In addition, some doctors may recommend nutritional guidelines or supplements during pregnancy, only to end up causing birth defects.

If your child has experienced birth defects, it’s important to know that you may have legal options to seek compensation. In Norcross, GA, residents who have had children who were born with defects often turn to the legal services of Eric J. Hertz and the Hertz Law Firm. The Hertz Law Firm has helped many parents to pay for their medical bills, support expenses and more, and they can help you too.

By partnering with Eric J. Hertz and the Hertz Law Firm, you will have experienced allies on your side who can fully investigate the cause of your child’s birth defects, and they can make sure that any medical personnel responsible are held accountable. Remember, birth defects can be life-threatening, and most will cause extensive debt to mount, both in terms of medical bills and support costs, and it’s not fair for you to have to pay these bills when someone else caused your child to have a birth defect.

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