Average Settlement for Personal Injury Cases in Georgia

Average Settlement for Personal Injury Cases in GerogiaPersonal injuries occur every single day across the state of Georgia and the world, and when they do, they often leave a great deal of pain and suffering in their wake. As a result, most people who suffer personal injuries are encouraged to seek compensation, but many don’t know how much to expect. The fact is, personal injury compensation figures can vary greatly, and a number of factors will determine what each victim is entitled to.

The Average Amount of Compensation

According to personal injury attorney Eric. J. Hertz, of the Hertz Law Firm, because personal injury specifics vary so widely, it’s nearly impossible to provide an average compensation amount. When in court, Eric J. Hertz and his team fight to receive the maximum amount of compensation for his clients, and this requires a personal consultation with each one of his clients in order to determine specifics. Once the Hertz Law Firm has had a chance to review all information regarding actual injuries and costs of an accident, its attorneys will be able to provide a more solid estimate.

What Types of Injuries Should Be Considered?

To find out exactly what injuries may be covered in your own personal injury case, you should schedule a free consultation with the Hertz Law Firm. There, you will be able to discuss your specific injuries and losses with an attorney who cares. In many cases, you can receive compensation for physical injuries, emotional injuries, mental injuries, financial injuries and more. It’s important to remember that some injuries may not present themselves until well after an accident has occurred, so you may also have the potential for future complications. These possibilities should always be included in your compensation claim.

What Will My Attorney Do for Me?

Victims who turn to the Hertz Law Firm for help will receive supportive care and advice, representation in court if a lawsuit needs to be filed, and protection from harassment by insurance companies or other parties involved in an accident case. Sadly, many victims find themselves afraid to seek compensation because of threats or intimidation, and this leads them to suffer in silence and miss out on the compensation they rightfully deserve and need. Your attorney can get in between you and anyone or any entity that is causing you grief so that you can recover from your injuries while the Hertz Law Firm takes care of everything for you.

Time is Running Out

Finally, you need to keep in mind that Georgia law regulates the amount of time you have to file a claim for compensation after an injury. As a result, you need to contact Eric J. Hertz and the Hertz Law Firm right now to discuss your options. Don’t spend another day wondering how you’re going to pay your medical bills. Instead, get the process started on your compensation claim so that you can have peace of mind. To reach the Hertz Law Firm, call 404-577-8111, or click here to have an attorney contact you directly.