Accutane Acne Medication Lawyer

Accutane Acne Medication Lawyer

Those suffering from acne can face a variety of consequences, including the loss of self-esteem, and for that reason, various type of acne medications are used to eliminate the problem. However, powerful anti-acne drugs have been found to cause long-term health problems for the users. Accutane is one such drug, and those suffering from its side effects should seek out an experienced Accutane acne medication lawyer.

The Long and Short-Term Consequences of Accutane Usage

While proven to be effective against most forms of acne, Accutane has also been proven to be the cause of an increasing number of dangerous side effects, many of which can prove lethal to the user of the drug. These health issues include:

• Accutane has been proven to induce miscarriages and birth defects in pregnant women.
• Users of Accutane have developed colon and intestinal disorders including conditions such as ulcerative colitis.
• Users of Accutane have developed mental conditions, including severe depression and psychosis, which in some cases has resulted in the suicide of the user.
• Accutane has been implicated in degenerative visual conditions such as the development of cataracts in younger individuals.

In addition to these conditions, evidence has demonstrated that users of Accutane may suffer long-term side effects even after ceasing to use the drug. These have included the development of hypertension, severe hair loss, and colon cancer in some individuals who have used Accutane.

Due to the complex questions involved in medical liability lawsuits, finding an effective and experienced lawyer is imperative. This is especially true when considering a drug such as Accutane that has a wide variety of potential side effects which must be linked to the liable parties.

The Importance of Effective Legal Representation

In addition to demonstrating the effect of Accutane on the injured party, an Accutane acne medication lawyer must also determine what parties to demand compensation from. While Roche Pharmaceuticals is the maker of Accutane, in some cases other parties may also be liable. These could include doctors and pharmacists who failed to effectively instruct the user in the side effects of the medication, or who prescribed this powerful medication for a health condition that did not merit its use.

Obtaining Compensation without Trial

In addition, a skilled lawyer can often convince the defendants to choose to come to a settlement, rather than going to court. In this way, the injured party can receive a just compensation without the attendant mental stress of having to pursue a court case. This can be especially important for wrongful death lawsuits, where an effective settlement can avoid the need for loved ones to relive their loss in court.

Personal injury lawsuits involving this drug are complex undertakings and it is wise to secure the services of an experienced Accutane acne medication lawyer. By contacting the law offices of Eric. J Hertz, P.C., on the web or at (404)-577-8111, those suffering from the side effects of Accutane usage can work to secure the compensation they need.