A Basic Guide On How To Know When To File A Lawsuit

A Basic Guide On How To Know When To File A Lawsuit In situations where you find yourself harmed by another person, it can be difficult to know the best method for seeking compensation for the damage. In some cases, you can simply ask the person to pay for the damage he or she has caused, such as when someone accidentally breaks a window in your home while playing ball in the street. In other cases of accidental damage, such as a vehicle accident, the responsible party’s insurance company will often be the entity responsible for compensating you for injuries or property damage. In other cases, however, you may find that the person responsible for the damage you have suffered, or that person’s insurance company, is unwilling to compensate you, and in such situations, you may need to file a lawsuit in order to get the money you deserve.

How Do You Know When to File a Lawsuit?

When it comes to deciding when to file a lawsuit, there are a number of factors at play. First, you need to know whether you actually have the legal right to file a lawsuit. Second, you need to know whether your state places a statute of limitations on the amount of time you have to file and how much time has passed since the damage occurred. Third, you should consider whether you have exhausted all other means of seeking compensation. Filing a lawsuit can be an arduous task, so it pays to avoid needing to file one in the first place. If a lawsuit must be filed, however, it would be a good idea to seek out the services of an attorney, such as Eric J. Hertz, of the Hertz Law Firm.

How Eric J. Hertz Can Help

As a personal injury attorney who has served injured victims of accidents in the Atlanta region for many years, Eric J. Hertz can provide you with valuable information regarding laws that impact your specific case. The attorneys of the Hertz Law Firm can also help you to decide when will be the best time to file a lawsuit if one needs to be filed, and they can guide you through the process. Additionally, because Eric J. Hertz does not require a fee upfront in order to help his clients, you won’t have to worry about paying anything until you win your case in court.

Learn Your Options Today

It’s important to note that filing a lawsuit is not always the best way to receive compensation for injuries or damage you have sustained. In some cases, there may be other options available, such as negotiating with the insurance company of the person responsible. In such cases, Eric J. Hertz and his team of legal experts can work to get you the best settlement without even having to step foot in a court room. To find out what options are available to address your specific legal concerns, contact Eric J. Hertz today by calling 404-577-8111. Remember, the time you have to file a lawsuit might be running out, so don’t wait any longer to contact the Hertz Law Firm.