5 Signs a Nursing Home is Unsuitable for Your Loved One


5 Signs a Nursing Home is Unsuitable for Your Loved OneIs it time for your loved one to move into an assisted living facility? Although nursing homes are widely considered a practical alternative for long-term elderly care, that’s only the case when a home meets critical quality care standards. Here are some key factors to analyze when choosing the best new home for your loved one before deeming it a suitable fit, even if they’re already residing in one.

  1. The Nursing Home Fosters Foul Odors

Notice how a nursing home smells upon entering it for the first time. If the home is dominated by a highly evident, unpleasant odor, that’s certainly a major warning sign. A strong smell of urine or any other odor is usually the result of poor cleaning practices, including not cleaning the floors or furnishings appropriately.

  1. Hearing Residents Cry for Help

Since nursing homes are for-profit businesses, understaffing can be quite common. When you hear residents yelling for assistance since they’re not getting the attention they need, that’s an indication of getting poorly treated. Evaluate how the staff treats its residents and if they offer their support with respect. When nursing home staff members are overworked, they can become more irritable, which ultimately translates into neglecting their duties as care providers.

  1. Signs of Bruising or Bedsores

If your loved one is already staying at a nursing home and you’re skeptical about their living situation, look out for any indications of sudden bruising, as that could be another result of an understaffed team. Your loved one might be confined to a bed, and if that’s the case, ask how many times the nursing home staff generally rotates residents with such special medical conditions. Residents shouldn’t be spending most of their time sitting/lying in the same position.

  1. The Cafeteria Food is Unhealthy or Distasteful

Try the cafeteria food with your loved one to test it out. If you find that the food is completely unsavory or if your loved one seems to be losing weight because of that, then that’s a critical issue to attend to. However, you might be able to speak to the nursing home staff about it and figure out a way to fix the problem. Issues with the cafeteria menu could also be correlated to a lack of nutrition rather than just having an unappealing look or flavor.

  1. Inefficient Amount of Daily Activities

When you see residents stuck in their rooms all alone with no company, it could be a sign of negligence. Check if the nursing home has an activities schedule in place and go over their regulations in terms of residents’ daily routines. Some nursing home residents require supervision at all times when they leave their rooms. If your loved one falls under that category, then see if they can receive that personal care; which is also the case for patients that must stay in their rooms.

How to Make a Positive Change

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