18 Wheeler Truck Accident Settlements in North Metro Georgia

18 Wheeler Truck Accident Settlements in North Metro Georgia The 18-wheeler commercial truck is a vital part of America’s commercial and transport infrastructure. However, if operated by poorly trained individuals, or if the truck itself is improperly maintained, a truck can become a deadly threat to all those on the road with it. In such a case, victims of a truck related accident must be prepared to seek compensation for damages and injuries to themselves, their families and their vehicles.

Accidents and Commercial Trucks

While the popular image of a truck related accident involves a dramatic crash, the fact is that there are wide varieties of accidents that can demand compensation, ranging from minor damage to a car to catastrophic crashes resulting in injury or death. As a result, it is important to carefully consider all aspects of any accident involving a commercial truck.

For example, a truck may cause an accident by releasing its cargo, such as a load of gravel, onto the road, resulting in one or more vehicles losing control. In this case, the operator and owners of the truck may be liable for the resultant accident, even if the truck itself was not physically involved.

More traditional accidents, where the truck itself is directly involved, can result in legal action for a variety of reasons. A truck may have an unqualified or unskilled driver, or one who is driving under the influence. In other cases, the truck may have been poorly maintained, resulting in malfunctions that can cause or increase the severity of an accident.

In these cases, the injured parties may be able to recover damages for their medical and auto repair bills, pain and suffering, and in some cases, punitive damages for accidents that clearly resulted from negligence on the part of the truck driver. Parents can also receive compensation for any injuries suffered by their children.

Legal Assistance and Settlements

No matter the exact cause, expert legal assistance is absolutely vital in order to secure the best settlement possible. A skilled attorney will be able to effectively negotiate with the responsible parties and their insurance providers, in order to minimize the time and stress on the injured party. In addition, by being able to determine the parties most likely to be liable, a personal injury attorney can effectively pursue the individuals who are truly at fault. For example, while many companies will attempt to lay the blame on the driver, often it is they, not their driver, who bear the primary liability for the accident.

Whether the settlement is arrived at quickly, or requires an actual lawsuit, a qualified personal injury attorney can help ensure a positive outcome for his or her clients. For an individual and family who may be facing severe psychological stress due to the impact of the accident, it is wise to let their attorney handle the actual mechanics of obtaining a settlement. In this way, the family can focus on recovering from the accident, confident that their attorney will effectively represent their interests. Contact Eric J. Hertz  for legal advise.